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Are you friendly and eloquent? Do you like exercising? Are you looking for a perfect job besides of your studies, printer ship or school? We provide your dream work. Don´t miss your chance and contact us by mail, following the device: “If not now when else?”

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Working as a rider for Rikolonia means working as a "mini jobber" up to 38 hours per month. Your equipment like your Rickshaw plus some clothes (tshirt, jacket) will be provided by Rikolonia. During your working hours you realize orders from us for sighseeing tours, taxi rides or rides a spart of a bigger shuttle service. Your working hours will be sorted out weekly and handled flexible.

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Taxi rides, sightseeing tours or rides as a part of an event like weddings or company excursions – if you want to you do everything. Just contact us for an appointment including a short training and find your luck on a testing day. Your potential of earnings is high. And if you are infected by a Rickshaw virus once, no one will ever get you off a Rickshaw again.